Maryland Cannabis Physicians

We are the first medical clinic in Carroll County, MD whose primary purpose is to provide access to eligible patients for medical marijuana.

If you are affiliated with a nursing home patient or need to speak with Dr. Wah about a nursing home patient, please contact us at 443-340-9392

Our office is closed and all of our medical cannabis patients are referred to our friends at Marijane Consults. Please contact them directly at 443-371-6940

Welcome to the first medical marijuana clinic in Carroll County, Maryland

We evaluate patients for the purpose of issuing a letter of recommendation that will provide the patient the opportunity to receive their medical marijuana card or cannabis card. This allows the patient to visit a dispensary to receive treatment using medical marijuana.  In our medical practice in Westminster, Maryland, we create a judgment-free environment which provides access to evaluations for medical cannabis.  Our office is among the first licensed physician’s practices that perform cannabis evaluations for patients who need treatment with medical marijuana in Maryland.


Medical Marijuana - A great natural treatment

Medical marijuana is a natural treatment that provides relief of symptoms that are associated with inflammation, pain or mood-related conditions. If you have a medical condition that qualifies you for marijuana treatment, we encourage you to visit our practice in Westminster, MD and get evaluated.  You will be evaluated in a private and discrete setting.

In the state of Maryland, where our medical marijuana physician practice is located, the qualifying conditions to become a medical cannabis patient are:

The complete bill is located here here.

Please note that we are not a cannabis dispensary. We will provide the recommendation for medical marijuana that you can use to receive a medical marijuana card or cannabis card. The process for obtaining a cannabis card starts with establishing that the patient has a medical diagnosis that qualifies for medical cannabis. The conditions are listed above or on the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commissions website ( Then Maryland Cannabis Physicians can write the letter of recommendation which will be uploaded to the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commissions (MMCC) site. The Commission will then post-approval/denials, which is determined by the commission and questions/delays should be forwarded to the commission.